Window Installation

Update Your Home with Home Renovation

The wonderful thing about a residential home is that it is always adaptable. Depending on how your family situation changes, it is possible to update and alter the structure of your house. Add an extra bedroom or bathroom for a growing family, or include structural changes to make living easier for the elderly. Whether you are building a new home and require construction assistance, or are planning a large scale renovation, the team at Central Oregon Home Builders is able to assist with your home renovation project. Our team is well versed in a variety of skills and disciplines ranging from interior and exterior construction and planning, plumbing services, and electrical work. Further, we are able to install and repair complicated HVAC systems throughout your home. Wherever you are in the home renovation plan, a team member from Central Oregon Home Builders will be able to help.
For those starting from scratch, the team at Central Oregon Home Builders is happy to help with home construction. We are happy to lend our services to any step in the home construction phase. We are able to help with framing and drywall, able to create new rooms or additions to a home as well. Our team is well versed in electrical work, and we are able to run power lines and place lighting fixtures throughout the home. Further, we have licensed plumbers on our team who can help with new bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room builds. Our team is happy to help with cabinetry installation for kitchens and baths as well. If you are starting from scratch with home construction, set up a consultation with one of our experts. We will be happy to spend an hour with you, answering questions you may have, and making suggestions for the best possible plan to meet your wants and budget.
Further, sometimes new spaces require the addition of windows. Our team is happy to offer window installation to add more natural light into your home. We are able to help with any size window, adding sunshine and light to your space. Or, if you have an existing home, window installation may be necessary for replacement windows. As windows age they can become leaky, causing a range of problems. Not only can cool air leak into your house, forcing your furnace to work harder, but water has the potential to leak through broken seals. Water leaking into the home can create a deluge of problems that can even jeopardize the structural integrity of your home. New windows can help improve the efficiency of your home, reducing costly utility bills. For a window installation, we recommend setting up a consultation with one of our expert installers.
For any home project, whether it is new home construction or a renovation, chances are that a wall within the interior of your home is going to move. The team at Central Oregon Home Builders is happy to help with wall building. We have the ability to frame a space, adding the necessary supports for the new wall. We will add any venting, electrical, or plumbing infrastructure necessary. To finish the wall building process, the team at Central Oregon Home Builders is able to drywall the space, rendering it ready to receive a fresh coat of new paint. We make every effort and attempt to minimize dust and disturbance during the process, so the rest of your home is minimally impacted. We understand that home construction is a big undertaking and the team at Central Oregon home Builders is here to help every step of the way.