Simple Home Repairs

Call Our Team For Simple Home Repairs

The team at Central Oregon Home Builders is happy to take on large construction projects. In fact, it is what we are well known for. But the truth is, our team is happy to help with simple home repairs as well. Our team will gladly come to your home to help with handyman type jobs. Just because simple home repairs may be small, it does not mean they are any less important. Often, the simple home repairs can make the biggest difference in a home. Catching a problem while it is still small can help save a tremendous amount of time and effort in the future. Consider a small leak that has formed in your bathroom. If caught early enough, it is a simple pipe repair that can be completed in a number of minutes. If left to leak though, the water has the ability to penetrate an entire structure, damaging drywall, carpeting, wood, and creating possible electrical problems in the future. To protect your investment, it is best to fix small home repairs before they spiral out of control.
Interior home repair is a great way to maintain the value within your home. Consider small home repairs that may be necessary on the interior of your home. This can include anything from patching a section of drywall, to repairing torn carpet, or replacing a chipped tile in the bathroom. Interior home repairs are a great way to maintain the beauty of your home. Interior home repairs can also occur behind the walls. Many pipes and electrical components are located behind the walls of your home and require a trained professional to correctly make the repairs. While an interior home repair may be necessary to create an aesthetically pleasing result, interior home repairs can also be necessary to improve and maintain a safe living environment. This could include a home repair to a loose floorboard or a shaky stair banister or railing.
A home repair can also take place on the outside of the home. Exterior home repairs are often necessary to maintain the integrity of your home. This can be a home repair to the roof or gutters. Stopping leaks and replacing damaged shingles can help protect the interior of your home from possible rain and water damage. Home repairs can be on structures around the home too, such as repairs to hardscaping or fences surrounding your home. Hardscaping can include rebuilding retaining walls surrounding your property, or helping with small concrete repairs on a driveway or patio. Fences can be rebuilt with sections of fence replaced to enhance the integrity of your fence. Further, an exterior home repair might include fixing electrical components outside, such as lamp post lighting or spotlights surrounding the home.