Service Calls

Timely Home Repair and Service Calls

Central Oregon is a beautiful location. Anyone who is able to call Oregon home is truly lucky, able to take in the sights and surroundings of this amazing area. If you have an existing home in the area, or are planning on building a home, the team at Central Oregon Home Builders may be able to help. We are one of the premier home builders in central Oregon and are able to help with interior and exterior projects in and around your home. Our owner has nearly 24 years of commercial and residential building experience, making us one of the most experienced home builders in central Oregon. We are honest, hardworking, and dedicated to providing ultimate customer satisfaction.
We are able to help with any number of home building services. For the exterior of the home, we can help with windows, doors, roofing, siding, fences, and framing. For the interior of the home we can help with trim work, drywall, renovations, HVAC repairs, and inspection reports. Our team is well versed in a number of projects. If you are just in the planning phases, or nearing completion, our expert team will be able to help. Our home building expertise can cover a brand-new project, or simply repairing an existing component of the home. Home building can be complicated, but with our dedicated and passionate team at Central Oregon Home Builders, we are here to take the guesswork out of home repairs and renovation.
We understand that construction and renovation do not happen frequently for many homeowners. It can take time sifting through information, forming a budget, and developing a project timeline for completion. The team at Central Oregon Home Builders is happy to offer specialized consultations with homeowners. Whether you are looking at a kitchen remodel or new windows, our team is happy to sit down with you for an hour and discuss the various elements that go into completing a project. Our team cares about making sure everyone in the project is on the same page, so our consultations are geared toward education and planning. If you are searching for the most comprehensive "home builders near me" look no further than Central Oregon Home Builders. We are experienced and dedicated to completing a job well done.

Plumbing is necessary for many components in a modern home. Not only is plumbing required for the bathroom, providing running water to the shower, sink, and toilet, but plumbing is needed in the kitchen to cook, and the laundry room to launder clothing. If a house is experiencing a plumbing issue, time can be of the essence to get the house back up and running, returning to normal working order. Plumbing issues can be anything from a leaky shower fixture to a clogged drain or garbage disposal. If left unchecked, a plumbing issue can quickly turn into a massive, and costly, repair. The team at Central Oregon Home Builders is well versed in various plumbing fixes and is happy to come to your home to help with plumbing repairs.
We understand that when you have a plumbing issue in your home, you need someone to come to your home fast. Not only can a water issue completely shut down normal operations in your home, but it can cause damages that lead to costly repairs. Our team is able to perform service calls with an experienced and expert plumber. We are happy to come to your home for service calls and quickly and expertly diagnose the problem. If we are unable to repair the damaged pipe or drain, we are happy to give you a professional estimate for the cost to replace the damaged plumbing.
In cases with serious plumbing issues, it is best to use a trained and certified plumber. There are many intricate and complicated components to residential plumbing that should be dealt with by a professional. A licensed plumber is likely to know about local code and regulations, and will be able to ensure that his or her work meets code and is compliant with current regulations. Further, find a plumber that you know and trust. You want to be sure that your plumber will perform quality work, to prevent a similar problem from arising in the future. The team at Central Oregon Home Builders is proud to offer professional plumbing services for residential home repairs.
One of the hazards with a plumbing concern is that a plumbing issue can very quickly grow into a larger issue that involves your entire home. Water can be incredibly corrosive and can quickly eat into hard structures and fixtures throughout your home. This issue then can become even more complicated because pipes for plumbing commonly run throughout the walls and basement of a home. If a leak is detected somewhere within the walls of the home, this can create a much larger problem, which can turn into expensive home repairs. Water can eat into soft materials like drywall and carpeting, or can cause damage and rot in wooden structures. If you suspect a leak in your pipes or plumbing, it is best to get it checked by a professional plumber. Plumbing issues should be fixed quickly by a professional plumber to avoid larger home repairs in the future.