Home Remodeling Experts with Exterior Finishes

Although home renovations are typically on the interior of the home, such as bathroom and kitchen remodels, it is common to see upgrades and home remodeling performed on the exterior of the home too. Often, a great way to add value to the home is by adding exterior finishes and remodels. This can include a home remodel or an addition. These can be structural, adding additional square footage to the interior of the home, or simple upgrades and remodels that change the outward appearance of the home. Further, it is possible to add performance upgrades to your home by doing an exterior renovation project. Home remodeling can add more energy efficient designs, structures, and systems that can help save money on costly utility bills.
One of the most common exterior upgrades the team at Central Oregon Home Builders performs is an upgraded roof. Simply replacing a roof can add value to your home, with many roofing materials lasting 30 years or longer. Or, opt for a metal roof which can last the lifetime of the home. Having a new roof can also help make your home more energy efficient by having stronger materials insulating the exterior of your home. It is also possible to change the outline and structure of your roof with roofing projects. Add decorative elements like gables and dormers to enhance the outward appearance of your home. Stand out from other homes in the neighborhood with new roofing designs and energy efficient upgrades.
For families with small children or pets, fence installation is a popular exterior upgrade. Fences are a great way to keep pets and small children inside the yard, and away from busy roads and intersections. Fences are also a necessary requirement for open bodies of water such as swimming pools. Fences come in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from fences that require zero upkeep, to decorative fences meant to enhance the outward appearance of your home. The team at Central Oregon Home Builders has a range of fencing options, and are happy to come to your home for an in person consultation. During our fence installation consultation we will walk your property line and determine the right fencing materials for your wants, needs, and budget.
Lastly, one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to keep up with necessary exterior home repair. Not only does exterior home repair help to keep your home and yard appear well maintained and beautiful, but it can help prevent larger problems from forming. Common exterior home repairs can include fixing roofing, gutters, or downspouts. It can mean patching leaks and gaps in siding, or fixing broken fences. The exterior of your home is the only thing creating an insulated barrier between the elements outside and your comfort and wellbeing inside. By having exterior home repairs put in place before they become larger structural issues within your home, you will be able to save money on potential large scale home repairs.