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Personal Bio
Do you remember your first job? How did the iconic thin mint drive Alex to success? Let me fill you in…

Alex’s sales career began when she was just 9 years old, dragging her red wagon through a quaint neighborhood in Napa, CA door-to-door selling girl scout cookies. Due to her competitive nature and desire to succeed, she sold more cookies than anyone else in her chapter.

When she got older, Alex walked dogs to raise money to travel all over the world to help low-income families in places like the Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Indian Reservations in Nevada and South Central Los Angeles. As you can see, Alex has a big heart, especially when it comes to helping veterans. As a Marine Corps wife, she’s experienced the tight-knit military community and knows the sacrifices people make to serve our country.


Alex’s biggest defining moment was her time as a San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader because it allowed her to perform at the highest level of sports and dance. She was inspired by her incredibly talented, intelligent, diverse and supportive teammates; which pushed her to strive for greatness at her full-time marketing job in insurance.


Alex’s unique life and work experiences make her a dynamic businesswoman, friend, and wife. Spend an hour with Alex and you will see her kindness, desire to help others, drive, adventurous spirit, cheerful demeanor and joy for real estate – all the tools necessary to succeed in helping you find your dream home.

So how does the little red wagon tie into everything? Each venture Alex has undertaken has taught her something of value and given her the tools necessary to succeed. We all in some way have a little red wagon we carry with us, each new thing we learn we add to the wagon and venture forward.


A message from Alex:
“I absolutely love Central Oregon and the community here, we are so incredibly grateful to call it home. My desire is to guide you in finding the perfect home for your needs, be your advocate, educate you throughout the process, encourage you, provide you with quality service and build intentional long-lasting relationships.”

Easy conversation starter with Alex: real estate, dogs (specifically Siberian huskies), military life, marketing, mountain biking, dance, fitness, faith, travel, chocolate, camping, skiing


Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
Ski, Mountain Bike, Camping, Explore Central Oregon


Ducks or Beavers?
San Francisco 49ers


Designations, awards, special skills?
Military Spouse and Veteran Advocate, Professional NFL Cheerleader, Dance & Fitness Teacher