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Just because we are to handle large scale construction projects including home renovations and additions, does not mean we shy away from small home repair projects. We have the ability to help with home repair too, and welcome the chance to come into your home. One area where we shine is with electrical repair within the home. We are able to help with any electrical home repair job, large or small. Consider what is at stake with the electrical wiring throughout your home. Not only do you need to have reliable electrical power, but you need to know and trust that the home will be safe. All too often, electrical fires are caused by people either attempting to do the work on their own, or hiring an electrician who is not trained and licensed. The team at Central Oregon Home Builders is licensed and professional, helping to guarantee a job well done. With something as important and volatile as electrical work, it makes sense to hire only the best professional in the field.
Electrical work can cover a range of services performed both within and outside the home. Interior electrical work can include decorative lighting. Many homeowners opt to add a chandelier or overhead lighting to open spaces around the home. Or, interior lighting and electrical work can include the addition of task lighting in a space. Add under cabinet lighting in the kitchen can help illuminate a space that requires delicate and detailed work. Or, add interior lighting to showers to create a brighter and lighter environment. Interior electrical work can also include adding outlets throughout a room or a space. Additional outputs and jacks can be incorporated into existing walls with the help of a professional electrician. Trust the team at Central Oregon Home Builders to ensure a job well done. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations with high quality work that will be safe, efficient, and reliable for years to come. Our team is local, so we are well versed on local code and regulations, further ensuring that our electrical work will be safe for you and your family.
If you are adding electrical components to an exterior space, it is best to use the services of a trained and certified electrician. The team at Central Oregon Home Builders is happy to offer our electrician services for any job, both inside and outside the home. Outside electrical work can include the addition of a lamp post or spotlight. Or, run electrical wiring to a shed or garage in order to have lighting or run power tools. It is also possible to upgrade a current electrical panel. This is often necessary to add large loads to an electrical circuit, such as with the addition of a spa or hot tub. These large outdoor fixtures often require the use of a 220 amp line, which is not standard on a typical home. Our trained professionals will be happy to install additional power to your current electrical circuit panel. If you have a large scale project in mind, set up a consultation with a member of our team. We can walk you through all the electrical considerations and complications we might encounter along the way. This will help you scale your next outdoor project appropriately, and ensure you budget enough time and money for electrical work in your final project.