Ryan Dean

Owner | General Contractor

Ryan Dean resides in the beautiful city of Redmond, Oregon.

Born and raised in Northern California, Ryan Dean has a deep appreciation for the homeowners he works with and the land upon which they build. His personable demeanor establishes a confident, professional relationship with clients and a neighborly standard of communication. When building a home for a family who is moving from another state, Ryan enjoys being one of their first tastes of Central Oregon hospitality. While most of his projects are mainly in the Central Oregon area, he has proudly served customers throughout the Central Oregon area since 2016.

Ryan's work in the building industry did not begin as a general contractor. He started early in Casino Gaming Operations watching and learning from tribal development. Because of this, Ryan works side-by-side with subcontractors and can quickly identify quality processes and remove those that are less than desirable. His expectations are high on every aspect of a home’s assemblage, and with his extensive knowledge and background experience, those who work for him respect his knowledge and meet his standards.

Even after many years in the building industry, when asked, Ryan admits that every part of the building process continues to inspire him with each new project he encounters, but quickly adds that the most enjoyable part of his profession is the former customers that have become some of his very dearest friends. Ryan’s personal relationships with his customers prompted him to expand on his trades, to beautiful Redmond, Oregon. He will always enjoy stepping on to a piece of property, though it may be rough and undeveloped, and beginning to imagine, see, and define its underlying potential. Over a period of time, that area is soon developed into a work of art…, a beautiful demonstration of architecture, intriguing landscape, and interesting colors and textures that have come together to make a place of serenity for his customers. A place they can proudly call home.